‘The main guy who needs to play’

Today is Monday. E5’s eligible to come off the disabled list. This means Jose Bautista and his bombs will move back from third base to right field. Cito being Cito, this also likely means that DeWayne Wise will be moving back to left field while Travis Snider gets some more time on the pine.

But that would be too simple. Too expected.

Cito likes to let guys who have proven themselves play everyday. This leads to the blogosphere and some members of the media questioning Cito at every turn and getting angrily frustrated when he does things like sit Snider and Aaron Cibia for extended periods.

Well, something’s happened. Maybe Alex Anthopoulos had a talk with The Manager. Maybe Snider showed some magical intangible in the clubhouse that’s won Cito over. Maybe Gaston just had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.

Whatever happened, it should make some people happy because when Gaston was questioned about what E5’s return would do to Toronto’s lineup, he said this: “We’ll find spots here and there for them. But the main guy who needs to play is Snider.”


Sniderman’s played in each of the last 10 games and should (if Cito can be believed) see the bulk of the action for Toronto’s remaining 19 games. It’s hardly the majority of the season that he¬†should¬†have gotten, but it’s a start and that’s more than I expected Cito to give him.



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  1. Cole

    I won’t rejoice until I actually see it in action. I still won’t be surprised to see him tossed into a a platoon.

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