All hail King Felix

Free time is a very limited resource in my life at the moment. It’s a shame, because I was really looking forward to researching and reasoning out this post. Sadly, there is no time for such frivolities at the moment.

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is in the process of voting on and honouring the best players during the 2010 MLB season. I have a ballot for the A.L. Walter Johnson Award, which is to be awarded to the best pitcher of the year (think Cy Young).

The voting works on a ranked system, but I’m only going to vote for the man who I think should win the award — the Seattle Mariners’ Felix Hernandez. If you need convincing of that choice, just look at the stats that matter and look at how many in which he was the leader or was very near the top. And he did this on a team that finished the season with a 61-101 record.

UPDATE! Turns out a ballot is not legal unless it goes five deep, so here’s the rest of my ballot:

2. Cliff Lee

3. Jered Weaver

4. Francisco Liriano

5. Justin Verlander

Kevin Gregg misses out on a vote, but only by the slightest of margins. 3G for life!



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