Today in good deals for the Blue Jays

For the last two seasons in Toronto, most Jays fans seem to have fallen into one of three camps when it comes to Brandon Morrow:

  1. Dude is AMAZING!!1
  2. He’s got great stuff, but what the hell? Why is he so frustrating?
  3. Morrow’s pitching? UGH. WHY BOTHER WATCHING? He SUCKS.

While I think hope nobody reading this falls into that third group, the second group is, rightfully, highly populated. In fact, I find myself in that second group most times, but Morrow’s got something that makes me and a lot of other people believe that he could make the leap into the AMAZING!!1 category — and he could do it as soon as this season.

Even the experts at Fangraphs think highly enough of Morrow to draw some comparisons between him and Justin Verlander. That’s some pretty high praise for Morrow and if the comparison turns out to even be fractionally valid, Toronto’s in a good place for at least the next four years.

Why four years? Because the Blue Jays just signed Morrow to a three-year extension worth $20 million. The deal also includes a $10-million option for the 2015 season.

At just under $7 million a season, Morrow’s a steal — even if he doesn’t improve all that much.



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5 Responses to Today in good deals for the Blue Jays

  1. Brent Hobson

    I am in the 2nd category with you Chris and am hoping he lives up to his promise and that we don’t just end up with more years of untapped potential.

  2. Ian

    Can I consider myself a 1.5? The potential for Morrow is definitely there, and I’d much rather pay him than go broke bringing in a free agent that could do the same thing.

    I have to admit, I was a little worried an extension might not get done, but having Brandon for the next 3 seasons makes me feel much more comfortable about the starting rotation moving forward.

  3. JC

    When Roy Halladay was 27, (as Morrow is this year) people was saying the same thing. 4.00+ ERA with great stuff. And we all know how good the DOC got. It frustrates me that people dont have patience with Morrow or Drabek. This will be Morrows 3rd year as a starter and Drabek is at or above where Halladay was at his age. Great signing, and as we were saying in the Bautista signing this time last year, we will cross our fingers and hope for the best (worked for Joey-Bats).

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