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roy halladayThe job that pays me (hint: not this blog) requires me to work inconvenient hours. I knew when entering the field there’d be a good chance of me working the hours I do, but I chose to do it anyway. Generally, this is not a decision I regret. Then days like today come along.

AJ Burnett’s return. The fans are going to torture him. The hitters are going to destroy him.

Roy Halladay’s going to school him.

And I have to work.

This is nobody’s fault except my own. But it has got me thinking.

Most statutory holidays are based around some sort of religious event. People are given the day off work — with pay — to honour their beliefs.

But what about those of us who aren’t religious? For a large group of people I know, sports would seem to be the closest thing to a religion. For me, it’s baseball.

And Halladay vs. Burnett, Toronto vs. New York, is the closest you’re going to get to the classic good vs. evil battle perpetuated by most religions.

So, is there anybody out there who knows anything about having a religion recognized by the government? I’d love to be able to take tonight off for “religious reasons.”


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  1. Ian

    We should have lobbied to make today (and tommorow subsequently) a holiday for Blue Jays fans. Hopefully you still get a chance to catch the game!

  2. Where’s the government when you need them? Fighting swine flu or something? Gimme a break. There are important things to deal with. Like this.

    Didn’t get a chance to watch the game. Did listen though. It sounded like the Canada/U.S. game a few months back. I was there for that and it was great. Sucks I wasn’t there to see Doc school A.J.

  3. squizz

    Though I also couldn’t get out to the Dome last night, I am encouraged by what seemed to be a very strongly pro-Toronto crowd. Generally the Yanks or Sox can draw 40,000+, but nearly half of them will be scum-sucking douches from NY/Boston. But last night, from most accounts I’ve read (and just watching the video replays), it definitely seems like the strong majority of folks were Jays fans. Maybe people were flying in from all over the country?

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