Roster moves!

Joe's back, and he didn't even need a Voodoo Whammy!

Joe's back, and he didn't even need a Voodoo Whammy!

Travis (Amazing Sniderman) Snider, Brett Cecil and Bobby Ray have all been sent down to Vegas.

Rickey Romero, Casey Janssen and Voodoo Joe Inglett are all on their way back to Toronto.

Janssen’s going to be starting tomorrow against Atlanta, and Romero’s getting the nod Tuesday in Baltimore.

Voodoo Joe is exactly the type of player that Cito doesn’t seem to like using and that’s too bad, because Inglett’s got the scrap that will keep the dummies happy. (And yeah, I enjoy that kind of play too.)

T. Snides going down isn’t all that surprising. He’s been struggling lately and his playing time has gone down accordingly. Lunch Box should mash completely in the PCL. Before you know it, the Great Pasty White Hope will likely be back in Toronto and better than ever.

As fro Cecil and Ray, they performed generally awesome while with the big boys, but they had to know coming up that they weren’t destined to be here for long. Hopefully they don’t take their respective starts against Boston to heart.


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