Baseball at the top of the world

Baseball caps spotted over the course of a week in Iceland

New York Yankees: 3

Two obviously worn by tourists, one by a man who seemed to be local.



Pittsburgh Pirates: 1

Spotted at the airport. Guy was getting off the plane from Toronto, so I can only assume he was a tourist.


Los Angeles Dodgers: 1

Worn by a man who was unloading baggage from the plane. I can only assume he was local.



Minnesota Twins: 1

Man wearing this hat was definitely on vacation.


Salt Lake Bees: 1

Definite tourist.

Number of times reacted to my Blue Jays cap: 1

“Go Jays!” he said.

“Go Jays!” I said, before asking if he was from Toronto.

“Of course,” the guy responded. “Do you think there are Jays fans anywhere else?”


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  1. Cole

    That’s kind of a dumb comment by him. I think Blue Jays more than anyone have a spread out fanbase…. all across Canada and also some fans in the States too.

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