The Buffalo Bautistas going deep everyday

There are a lot of good things would come with the Blue Jays having their Triple-A squad in Buffalo, something that it seems like — if the rumours are true — could happen in the middle of next month.

There’s the obvious proximity factor and how much easier it would be for players to go up and down from the majors to Triple-A and vice versa. There’s the fact that the International League is much lesser hitter friendly than the ridiculous Pacific Coast League and is therefore much easier to get a true sense of the development and performance of both hitters and pitchers.

There’s the stadium, which by all accounts is great. Seriously, check out this review. The guy’s only real complaint is that there’s nothing around the stadium. Of course there’s nothing around the stadium. It’s downtown Buffalo. But that doesn’t mean Buffalo’s not worth the trip. Buffalo’s actually pretty great. Dont’ believe me? Visit the Old Pink and then try to tell me otherwise.

Anyway, look, did I mention the proximity? That’s key. You know how all the Blue Jays are hurt right now and they’re a bit painful to watch? As much as it sucks, things like this will happen again. If the Jays align with Buffalo, then we can all go watch the real Jays come back from their injuries and when Jose Bautista hits a grand slam during his rehab stint, you can be there in person!

Oh right, Jose Bautista hit a grand slam tonight in New Hampshire! Check it out:



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  1. coolhead2011

    Jeez, Jose has a 30 bat flip tool… maybe he needs more time in Eddie E’s Bat flip cage.

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