2012 is happening right now!


The world must be coming to an end right? It has to be for something this strange to happen…

As tweeted by Tony Ambrogio, Cito’s changed the lineup for tonight’s game! And here’s the new order:

Scutaro (ss)
Hill (2b)
Wells (cf)
Lind (dh)
Rolen (3b)
Rios (rf)
Overbay (1b)
Barajas (c)
Inglett (lf)

Either the Cito bot is broken or he’s finally caved to the pressure of everyone saying the lineup needs to be changed (because there are no other possible reasons for the lineup to be shifted around).

The real question now is if this is a one-game experiment or if Wells is locked into the 3-hole for the next third of the season.

Actually, scratch that. The REAL question is what does Overbay have to do to get even a tiny amount of respect?

Overbay and Richmond are the Rodney Dangerfields of this team.


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