Burn down the farm

After struggling with pitching all year, the Toronto Blue Jays went out Thursday and acquired a true ace: David Price.

When the Detroit Tigers decided to retool — something that reportedly happened Wednesday night — Price became available. Because Alex Anthopolous has continued to do what Alex Anthopolous does, Detroit knew he was very interested in the 2012 American League Cy Young winner and the two sides quickly worked out a deal.

What did Price cost the Jays? Three pitchers: one nearly MLB-ready (Daniel Norris), one potential back-end starter (Matt Boyd) and a big-armed long-shot (Jairo Labourt). With free agency looming for Price at the end of the season, that could be a lot for roughly 10 starts from Price. Or it could be a steal if the Blue Jays make the playoffs.

After trading for Price and then defeating the Kansas City Royals 5-2 on Thursday night, Fangraphs gave the Jays a 48.7% chance of making the playoffs. On Tuesday, after adding Troy Tulowitzki, they were given a 35.9% chance — and they were a sub-.500 team at that point. The odds-makers clearly like the moves and like the talent on this team. And here’s the thing: I suspect Anthopoulos isn’t done trying to make this team even better.

It’s widely held that Anthopoulos and his boss, Paul Beeston, are something of a package deal. If one goes, the other is likely to follow suit. It seems as though Beeston is done after this year and, if he is, Anthopoulos’s position will, at the very least, be reviewed. If the team doesn’t make the playoffs, he’s likely gone. If the team does make the playoffs, that could change everything. So there is currently no incentive for the GM to stop now.

Trade all the prospects.

Win now.

People say Toronto’s all-in, but there are still a lot of prospects to work with if the right deal(s) come around. Bring in another starter. Bring in a left-fielder.

Flags fly forever, but a shot at capturing the flag doesn’t present itself often. The AL East is not what it once was. Toronto is very close to a wild card spot. The Blue Jays have the best offence in baseball by a wide margin and now they have a truly elite pitcher to go along with that. Seize the day, Alex. You may not have another shot to do it with the Jays.


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