“I forget things very quick”

So I turn on the Fan this morning and I hear Mike Wilner talking about an interview he recently aired in which the player he was talking to gave some interesting answers. Wilner then said that, after the interview aired, he got a phone call from a Jay (staffer I assume) with some “caché” who said to Mike, “now maybe people will understand why we did what we did.”

Since I missed the first part of Wilner’s spot on the Bullpen (and since I haven’t been following the team much lately, but who is really?) I didn’t know which player Wilner was talking about, but my mind immediately went to Scott Rolen.

What did Rolen say? Did he go on record as being an ass?

I did some digging (I looked at the Fan’s website) and I discovered who Wilner was talking about and it ain’t Rolen.

rios and fatdude

I wish it was the guy on the left in that picture, but it ain’t. It’s Alex Rios!

You know how everybody said, “Rios has so much talent, but he just can’t seem to get his head in the game!”

It sounds like Rios might have trouble getting his head into life in general. Listen for yourself. The Rios interview starts just a little more than halfway through.


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