Oh, Canada


Baseball returns to our television sets tomorrow, and the matchup — for an early pre-season contest anyway — is one I couldn’t be looking forward to more.

Your Toronto Blue Jays playing host to Team Canada.

And starting for Canada? Scott Richmond. If you’re a pitching with a shot at making your team’s starting rotation, what better case can you make for yourself than shutting down the team you’re trying to make?

It’s not easy for me to cheer against the Jays, but when it’s club vs. country, there’s no question which side I fall on. I mean, just look at this logo and tell me you wouldn’t cheer for this squad:



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  1. LJ

    Ha ha, I was at that game. Blast from the past. For whatever reason, RSS barfed up this old post and it appears on Google Reader as if it was posted an hour ago.

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