Aroldis Chapman update: It’s over

Aroldis Chapman

100 m.p.h.-fastball-throwing left-hander Aroldis Chapman will not be playing for the Toronto Blue Jays any time soon.

As roundtable participant Cole pointed out in the comment section of the previous post, Aroldis Chapman will not be coming to Toronto unless it’s in the uniform of a visiting team.

Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos explained the lack of interest in the pitcher thusly:

“We don’t have enough background and scouting looks to make a proper offer,” Anthopoulos wrote in an e-mail. “Going forward, these will be the types of things we will be more proactive with. I think the way the Red Sox pursued [Daisuke Matsuzaka] is a great model. They were doing homework on him for years.”

Which to me suggests two very positive things:

1. He’s not going to spend theoretical money just because he has it.

2. The scouts are going to be hitting up places from which players are considered free agents!


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