Giving the people what they want

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Freakish, aren't they?

One of the many differences between a blog and a mainstream media outlet is the lack of an assignment editor. I guess a blogger is technically his/her own assignment editor, but if said blogger is of the lazier persuasion, things can go quiet rather quickly.

Sammy Sosa 1990Since I am generally of the lazier persuasion, I have decided to hire an assignment editor. Its name is Google. It doesn’t speak English; it just sends people to this little blog. Yesterday Google told me that people really, really badly want to know about Sammy Sosa and they want me to tell them about Sammy Sosa.

Well, here’s what I’ve got: His skin is now a different colour. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

(Sosa says he’s undergoing “skin rejuvenation” that “women have done all the time.” He also says the lighting was really bad when the disturbingly ghostly pictures were taken.)



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  1. squizz

    Stop stealing my post titles, jerk!

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