The last post before embracing the building

So Brandon League has joined the ranks of the fallen along with Scott Rolen, Alex Rios, Rod Barajas, Marco (Stroodles) Scutaro and Roy Halladay.

I’m a bit out of the loop right now — not so much that I don’t know that the trade happened, but enough that I’ve got nothing useful to say about it. I guess spending 6+ hours on an airplane for what is supposed to be a two-hour flight will do that to you.

Ah, air travel during Canadian winters.

In honour of the fallen and in lieu of anything useful to say, I’ll give you an animated gif. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before, but it is definitely worth seeing again: The moment I called my favourite of the year, Stroodles stealing second on a walk…

And that’s that. We’ll probably be off until the new year. And when we’re back, we’re embracing building and we’re looking forward.



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  1. Ian

    The “Stroodles” steal of second will always stick out in my mind. What a incredible heads up play – stuff like that you can’t teach, you just KNOW.

    I just hope he doesn’t try to pull that shit against the Blue Jays.

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