Opening the Dome

Holy frig. I haven’t been this excited to go to the Dome since I was wee lad on vacation in Toronto in 1992. Home opener, baby!

Ian’s done up a nice little post over on the Blue Jay Hunter that sums up the feelings of a number of Jays bloggers on the Home Opener. There are a few cynical, amateur night comments, a few sentimental sappy things and a lousy simile from yours truly.

I expect that in a few years, or maybe as soon as tomorrow, I’ll be all about the cynical approach. But right now, I’m psyched. Life has conspired to make this the first Home Opener I’ll be able to attend, and I plan to make full use of the opportunity. Most may treat it as “a bar with a field” tonight and I’m fine with that. Party time!

I’ll be putting the game first, but I won’t be ignoring the festivities. Although with Brian Tallet starting — unless he can surprise me like he did last week — I may focus a little more on the festivities than I probably should.

And surprise me he might, taking a quick look at his stats, he hasn’t been awful against Chicago in his career: 3.54 ERA, 1.328 WHIP, 8 K/9, and the Pale Sox have only hit for a .234 average against him.



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3 Responses to Opening the Dome

  1. Linutor

    Surprise you, he didn’t. Pretty much awful. It was great when the Jays announcers said that the Jays loved Tallet because he’d give you six innings no matter what. Yeah, well, anyone can give you six innings if you don’t care how many runs they allow…

  2. Ian

    Linutor, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was expecting Tallet to get knocked around, but I was a little surprised that Jake Peavy got lit up. I guess the confines of PETCO Park really are a completely different world.

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