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Roster depth and bullpen arms

Kyle Drabek

September baseball is very different than what precedes it. For teams that find themselves in contention, it’s a time when every game matters — every at-bat takes on added importance, every pitching change and defensive replacement is scrutinized with a powerful microscope and Yankees-Red Sox games start pushing nine hours instead of their usual eight.

For teams like the Toronto Blue Jays that find themselves out of contention, September is a time to take full advantage of the expanded Major League rosters to get a glimpse of possible future contributors and to reward veterans who’ve been sticking it in the minors with another big league stint (and all the perks and pay raises that come with it).

The Blue Jays have added six players from the Las Vegas 51s to their major league roster. Chad Beck and Danny Farquhar will get their first taste of a major league spread while working out of the bullpen, while David Cooper, Adam Loewen, Kyle Drabek and Brad Mills all make their return to the show. Continue reading


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Won’t somebody please think of Lind?

Despite constant reassurances since he was resigned that he’d be the DH and occasional first baseman, the Blue Jays today announced that Edwin (E5) Encarnacion will be the team’s everyday third baseman.

According to the above-linked article from the National Post’s stalwart Jays reporter John Lott, manager John Farrell, the decision was made based on E5’s defensive improvement — especially his footwork.

Now, yeah, from the little bit I’ve seen, read and heard out of the Jays camp, E5’s looked great at first. Good footwork, good reactions, everything. If all that’s true, sure, he might be great at third. But E5’s problem at third hasn’t been his glove, it’s been his arm.

You can kind of get away with a third baseman who can’t hit the side of the barn if you’ve got a great glove at first, but Toronto’s got Adam Lind. I guess management is pretty confident in his glove. They’d better be.

Couple of quick things

Travis Snider’s eating and tweeting habits are newsworthy.

Let’s all root for Adam Loewen.

It’s too bad Drew’s outfield preview is out of date already, but it’s still worth a read if appreciate fun and smart.


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