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Colby Rasmus

The above tweet? Truth.

There’s a lot of talk about how Alex Anthopoulos is a ninja. I don’t like it. Why apply an overused term to a man of his genius, especially when there’s a much easier explanation for how he does what he does?

Watch Betty the crow:

Betty accomplishes her goal by using a spare part and fashioning it into a useful tool to get what she really wants: The food in the damn tube.

Anthopoulos accomplishes his goal by using spare parts and fashioning them into a useful tool (trade bait) to get what he really wants: Colby Rasmus from the damn Cardinals.

Betty is a crow. Crows are corvids. Blue jays are corvids.

Alex Anthopoulos is not a ninja.

Alex Anthopoulos is a Blue Jay.


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Party time!

Blinding happiness!

Slogging through work on Friday evening, my phone went off. “V-dub is gonzo,” read the text message. And a great happiness filled me.

Along with the happiness was a sort of disbelief.

Vernon Wells is gone? His contract is rivalled only by Barry Zito’s (and maybe Jayson Werth’s) for worst in baseball. I’m pretty sure I heard Jonah Keri refer to Wells as the second most untradeable player in baseball (or something to that effect) just a few days ago on The Jeff Blair Show. Wells can’t be gone, can he?

But gone he is, and I’m glad.

Part of me feels bad for Vernon. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. He’s involved in some great charity work. He knows he’s not worth the huge contract. He seems like the kind of veteran¬†presence¬†you might want to have on a young team.

But that contract, it negates all of it.

That contract is, I’m guessing, responsible* for VW being pencilled into centrefield and the No. 4 spot day in and day out for ever and ever.

That contract definitely is, err… was, a massive impediment to a team on a limited budget to do, uh, anything.

And now it’s gone. Party time!

Analyzing the trade and the addition of Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera, that’s for later. Right now, just enjoy the fact the V-Dub is gone and the burden is lifted.

And maybe wish him well in L.A.

* We can’t blame everything on Citocity, can we?

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