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Learning from mistakes

A little bit of a while ago, I jumped the gun a bit on Adam Lind turning his terrible season around. I overreacted a bit to a good stretch of games by Sleepy and my belief was immediately repaid with another stretch of underwhelming games.

After that, it’s almost as if I built some sort of imaginary wall between myself and Lind’s performance. “Mustn’t get sucked in again,” I was apparently telling myself subconsciously. So if Lind turned in a good game, what of it? I’m not falling for that. I’m not even going to give it much thought, especially not when there are so many other good things on this team to watch.

So imagine my surprise this morning as I was tooling around the internets while eating breakfast and I came across this:

I do not have a subscription to Bill James Online and I’m not about to buy one (though I am open to receiving gifts from kind readers!) so I can’t tell you how they measure who the game’s hottest hitters are at the moment, but I can tell you that Adam Lind has put together a pretty awesome string of games.

Since Aug. 6 — the first game of the sweep against Tampa Bay — Sleepy has been on a tear. His line of .471/.500/.882/1.382 is the stuff of legends. Sure, it’s an incredibly small sample size (36 plate appearances!) and his BAbip has been a ludicrously irresponsible (not at all the proper word) .481, but small sample size or not, Lind’s been good enough to raise his season OPS nearly 60 points over that span.

I’m not going to be foolish enough to suggest again that the Silver Slugger is back, but maybe this and the previous stretch mean that Lind is starting to figure out what’s been wrong with his swing for most of the season. Let’s hope so, because when he’s on, Lind’s bat is one of the best in the game.

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