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Roster depth and bullpen arms

Kyle Drabek

September baseball is very different than what precedes it. For teams that find themselves in contention, it’s a time when every game matters — every at-bat takes on added importance, every pitching change and defensive replacement is scrutinized with a powerful microscope and Yankees-Red Sox games start pushing nine hours instead of their usual eight.

For teams like the Toronto Blue Jays that find themselves out of contention, September is a time to take full advantage of the expanded Major League rosters to get a glimpse of possible future contributors and to reward veterans who’ve been sticking it in the minors with another big league stint (and all the perks and pay raises that come with it).

The Blue Jays have added six players from the Las Vegas 51s to their major league roster. Chad Beck and Danny Farquhar will get their first taste of a major league spread while working out of the bullpen, while David Cooper, Adam Loewen, Kyle Drabek and Brad Mills all make their return to the show. Continue reading


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Romero out, Cito still awesome


In an attempt to protect the health of a promising young pitcher, the Jays have placed Ricky Romero on the 15-day disabled list. Apparently he’s got a muscle strain and a little time on the sidelines should heal him right up. Nothing to worry about, hopefully (I know it’s hard to think that way when this team has a history of turning “sore backs” into Tommy John surgery, but let’s try to be positive.)

While the injury may not be worth worrying about, what is worth worrying about is how the Jays are going to replace him in the rotation. Romero’s been the Jays’ best pitcher so far this year (sorry, Doc) posting a 2-0 record in three starts with a 1.71 ERA, 1.095 WHIP and a 3.25 K/BB ratio.

Based on how spring training transpired, it would seem likely that either Brad Mills or Brett Cecil will be called up (apparently some early reports say that Cecil will get the call) but Romero, based on his performance so far, will be extremely difficult to replace.

The way this team is swinging the bats though, maybe it’s not all that important that the new guy fills Romero’s sizeable shoes.

Thoughts on last night

cito-gastonSince he took over the club midway through last season, I have been a huge Cito supporter. I don’t always agree with his managerial decisions (didn’t when he was winning World Series either) but it’s clear that the man knows how to handle a team. The 62-42 record since he took over is evidence enough for me.

Despite my support for the man, the recent negativity swirling around the blogosphere has apparently affected my judgement. Last night I took to twittering some tweets (yes, I know it sounds ridiculous) about my disagreement with certain decisions the Cito was making.

Using Snider as a pinch runner, then having him bunt?

Not using Overbay as a pinch hitter in the 11th?

Maybe Cito really was losing it.

But we all know what happened. Snider stayed in and successfully layed down an important bunt.

Overbay didn’t pinch hit for Millar, and Millar drove in the winning running.

The lesson of the night, as Jeff Blair so excellently put it, Don’t doubt the Cito.

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