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Canada’s team in the capital?

If the Blue Jays really want to be Canada’s team, ownership should sieze upon at least one (or preferably both) of the ideas floated today.

First, the idea of playing a series in Montreal resurfaced over at The Tao of Stieb. Every time this idea comes up, I get excited about it. Montreal is an astounding city. Any excuse to go there is a good one. A trip to see the Jays there? That would just be too good.

The second thing that came up is, if you can believe it, more exciting than the thought of a road trip to watch the Jays play in Montreal.

Rick Chiarelli, an Ottawa city councillor, went on record with the Ottawa Citizen to say that he’s “optimistic” about bringing baseball back to Ottawa.

A return of the Lynx would be great for baseball in this country, but Chiarelli went even further — he’s “been talking with Toronto Blue Jays officials” and that team officials have toured the stadium and were “impressed” with it.

Now Ottawa may not be as fun a destination as Montreal — it’s not even close, really — but the option of heading up to Ottawa to watch a Jays farm team pretty much whenever I want is one I’d choose over having one weekend of baseball in Montreal 10 times out of 10.

One hitch though is that any new team would need investors. The Citizen points out that “Ottawa participants do not need to be majority owners,” but maybe Eugene Melnyk heard the noise Daryl Katz made a while back and is feeling competitive? That’s probably unlikely, but it would be pretty fun to have two of Canada’s richest dudes getting involved in baseball, even if it would be at the minor league level.


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I’m excited about Canada’s team

Who says the Jays aren't Canada's team?

I never thought trading Roy Halladay would end like this, but I’m pretty damn excited about what’s going on with the Blue Jays right now.

I’m excited because Shaun Marcum will be pitching again next year.

I’m excited because I believe the Jays will be a much more entertaining team much sooner than people expect them to be.

I’m excited because the Jays are getting three very good prospects in return for the Good Doctor.

I’m excited because, at the press conference confirming The Trade, Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos said this: “We’re on our road to getting back to where we were back in the World Series years. Really, this is the start of it, folks.” And, crazy as it sounds, I believe him.

I’m excited because at that same press conference, Anthopoulos took the time to answer questions in French. Since I can’t figure out how to link directly to the Radio Canada report (three minutes long!) you’ll either have to take my word or search for it yourself.

I know what happened with the Expos, but you can’t tell me that there aren’t baseball fans in Quebec. There is a market there to be tapped and if the Jays really want to call themselves Canada’s team, it’s a market that must be tapped. A GM from Montreal who speaks French at the press conferences is a damn good start.

What else can be done? How about getting some games on RDS or Radio Canada (presuming they’re not already) and bringing in someone like Jacques Doucet to call them? How about playing a weekend series at Olympic Stadium? I for one would love an excuse to make an annual trip to Montreal.

The Jays are already Canada’s team, but only by virtue of being the country’s only team. And yes, people outside of Toronto do care. Check out thanksroy.com if you need proof.

Lastly, I’m excited because even if the Jays do stink it up for a year or two, Doc’s finally got a chance to win. Go Phillies.

I believe in Vernon Wells

Sports and the City is running a little poll. The site’s banner prominently features Doc and the poll is to determine who, if anyone, should replace him up there. Whether you’re like me and you believe Vernon Wells will turn it around and be a productive member of the team again or you’re a realist and you just know that VW is going to be a Blue Jay for the rest of his career, it’s pretty clear that he should be the winner. So go vote for him already!

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Canada’s team again?


I wasn’t at the game last night, so I’ll leave the telling of that story to those who were (check the baseball links on the right).

The above picture did catch my attention though. I know the pre-game video showing at the SkyDome this year likes to claim that the Jays are Canada’s team, but in the last few years it would seem that’s only true based on the fact that the Jays are Canada’s only MLB team.

There was a time (see early 1990s) when the claim was true and people across the country followed every pitch of every game played by your Toronto Blue Jays.

During last night’s game, I was getting texts from friends across Canada. Some guys who drove to Toronto from Nova Scotia — just to see this game before going to Alice Fazooli’s and driving home again — called Wilner last night. Then there’s the guy in the picture at the top of this post.

So is the claim to being Canada’s team slowly starting to be valid again? Is the incredible start to the season winning fans nationwide? Or is A.J. Burnett just that widely loathed?

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