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What’s up with Jose Bautista?

Hey everybody! Let’s play a game! I’m going to give you the stats of three players, you try to guess who they are. Sounds fun, right? OK, here we go:

Player 1: 32 games, .368/.520/.868, 16 home runs, 42 hits (18 singles)

Player 2: 34 games, .283/.419/.433, 5 home runs, 34 hits (26 singles)

Player 3: 22 games, .269/.400/.333, 1 home run, 21 hits (18 singles)

Don’t bother trying to guess. It’s a trap! They’re all Jose Bautista! His stats from this season, broken into three segments, with the third being a subset of the second.

The first set up stats covers the season up to May 15. The second goes from May 16 to today. The third starts on May 29 — with the “beginning” of the “slump.”

What’s happened to the monster from the first 32 games? I don’t know, but that doesn’t stop me from writing hundreds of words about it after the jump.

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