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Death by Popcorn

montreal exposYou know that lame saying about the optimist and the pessimist and the glass that’s neither full nor empty? Apparently there’s a third part to it. Maybe it’s well known, but I only heard it for the first time yesterday.

“A realist looks at the glass and asks who’s buying the next round.”

If said glass is your Toronto Blue Jays, the only real answer on who’s buying the next round is Rogers. And if they want the glasses to be full, they’re looking at a tab of around $130 million (PLAYOFFS!!!!1).

But that’s not what this post is about. And I’m tired of the stupid glass thing anyway. This is about the pessimists, specifically the “Blue Jays are going the way of the Expos!” crowd.

Stoeten of the Drunks hijacked a game threat the other day to explain why the Blue Jays are absolutely not going the way of the Expos, and he nailed it.

The only thing I think he doesn’t quite get is why people are so scared, especially the people who aren’t from southern Ontario.

Losing a team can seriously fuck people up. I’ve never experienced it directly myself, but I know people who have and it completely changes their outlook on sports. It doesn’t mean they’re right to think the Jays are on the fast track to Portland or wherever, but it does make it understandable.

If you don’t know what I mean, I suggest you watch this movie film. It is at once ridiculously entertaining and bizarrely depressing. It’s the story of the Winnipeg Jets as pieced together (so I’ve heard and I have no intention of learning otherwise) from tapes found in a dumpster outside a Winnipeg TV station. Behold: Death by Popcorn.

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