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Mike McCoy: MLB pitcher

Watching the Blue Jays get absolutely blown out by the Boston Red Sox while getting intermittently rained upon because the roof at the SkyDome is, inexplicably, open is not what I would call a day at the park (except for the fact that it is, you know, a day at the park).

When a game is so completely out of hand and there are no signs it’s going to get any better, my attention tends to wander. Hey, did you know that the windows in the SkyDome Hotel can be opened? I certainly didn’t. Some things snap me back to full attention though: A Jose Bautista at bat; an E5 home run YEscobar making up for his earlier NOcobar by snagging a hard-hit line drive; and Mike McCoy coming on to pitch the ninth, to name a few.

Yes, in case you’re one of the few who might be reading this who hasn’t yet heard, you read that right: Mike McCoy, utility infielder, pitched the ninth inning for Toronto and the results were not at all horrible. Hard to believe, I know, but there’s even video, though it’s not yet embeddable, so here’s some photographic evidence:

Crazy, right? It probably sent some kind of message from John Farrell to the Jays players (why hello there, Brett Cecil’s wife’s instant anger! And subsequent apology) and it definitely got what little of the crowd was left back into the game.

McCoy got a standing ovation with each out and novelty of the situation, he deserved it. The only Jays pitcher except for Jon Rauch (who only faced one batter) to have a clean slate during the game, McCoy was throwing strikes and mixing speeds like a champ!

From 85 mph heater to 60 mph “knuckler” (according to pitch f/x), how’s a hitter supposed to time that? Throw in his funky delivery and you’ve got a stud in the making!

And check it out! 75% of McCoy’s pitches were strikes! That’s 20% better than a certain somebody in the rotation.

In conclusion, McCoy should be Toronto’s closer and I need to get one of those rooms in the SkyDome Hotel. Thank you.


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Nixing E5

Watching the Jays lose last night, I came to a realization. It’s probably not what you’d expect from someone watching a game like that. I didn’t realize that OHMYGODTHEBULLPENSUCKSWHAAAA or anything else alarmist that seems, based on my #Jays and #BlueJays searches on Twitter*, to be the common theme today.

(*And if you’re the sort who uses hashtags, I suggest you stick to #BlueJays, lest you get lost in all the chatter about Air Jordans.)

Bullpens are going to lose games, teams are going to blow big leads. It sucks, but it’s a 162-game season. These things happen and I can basically guarantee the Jays will be on the opposite end of games like this before the season comes to an end.

When Toronto bought Jayson Nix just before the season began, I wasn’t really moved in either direction. “It’s a depth move,” I thought. “Nix is just a warm body to provide some protection in case of injury/whatever.”

I don’t think I was wrong to think those things, but…

Nix has played pretty well so far this season. Small samples sizes to be sure, but his OPS is at 1.058 right now. According to Fangraphs, he’s amassed 0.4 WAR through just 8 games. Doesn’t seem like much, but extrapolate it over a whole season and he’s putting up goddamn superstar WAR numbers at that rate.

Now, obviously, Nix is incredibly unlikely to keep playing at this level throughout a whole season. And that’s why I’ve been skeptical of the amount of playing time he’s received so far.

But then it happened.

Leading off the bottom of the third inning, Ichiro (!) hit a weak grounder to third. Ichiro (!) specializes in turning hits like these into, well, hits.

Nix those, fielded the ball cleanly, turned and fired a bullet to first, beating Ichiro (!) to the bag.

It was a nice defensive play and the chances Edwin (E5) Encarnacion makes that throw cleanly are slim to none. Nix made it look easy.

And that’s when I realized that I’m more than happy to see Nix man third every day until he proves he can’t.

With Nix fielding and hitting well, E5 not fielding well and Juan Rivera playing like a turd, it seems pretty clear to me what needs to happen: Nix plays third, E5 DH’s and Rivera rides the pine.

I understand the argument that Rivera needs to play so he can raise his value and become possible trade bait. But just because I understand it, doesn’t mean I like it. I’d much rather see the Jays use a better lineup than handicap their chances at a win in the hopes that maybe someday somebody will take their unwanted player.

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