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Jays fan in a Yankees universe

If there’s one thing that unites most Canadians (other than health care and complaining about the weather) it’s got to be the notion that Americans don’t care to know anything about us and don’t pay any attention to us. I mean, there’s a reason those Talking to Americans specials were so popular, right?

This weird insecurity does extend to many baseball fans as well. It’s most evident in the “why doesn’t ESPN show the Jays on Sunday night?” cries that are heard from time to time.

So when an American does pay attention, it comes as a surprise and, unless the reason is obvious, people usually want to know why. It’s in that vein that this post is, uh, posted. The following was written by Elise Myers, a Californian living in New York who is, somewhat surprisingly, a Blue Jays fan:

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