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So long, Lyle

See that picture right above these words? You know what that is? That’s a first baseman. A REAL first baseman. That’s a guy who can hit AND field.

Sure, maybe he doesn’t have the consistently huge numbers that certain mouth-breathing fans want from the guy who mans first base, but he gets on base like a champ and he makes everybody else in the infield look good defensively.

I know a lot of people look at first base as a position where teams hide guys who can hit but can’t field. That may be true, but when Edwin (E5) Encarnacion gets his inevitable start(s) at third, and he’s throwing the ball all over the place — basically anywhere except where he should be throwing it — you might find yourself longing for Lyle. Dude has an ability to take an errant throw and turn it into an out.

Ever wonder why E5 only had 18 errors last year?

Because Lyle Overbay was playing first.

Good luck in Pittsburgh, Lyle. Hope the fans there appreciate you.


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