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Rios cares

By now you probably all know that Alex Rios had one of the most shittacular outings that a hitter can possibly have yesterday when he struck out five times.

In five at bats.

The Mockingbird breaks down the horrendous performance here.

Last night, after the game, the Jays Care Foundation held a fundraiser at the Royal Ontario Museum. The foundation does good work, like when it recently donated $1 million to a Boys and Girls Club in Scarborough. Good stuff.

Anyway, Rios attended the fundraiser. As he was leaving, someone apparently asked for his autograph and was rejected. Another fan in the area, apparently unhappy with Rios’s platinum sombrero (or Olympic Rings if you prefer) yelled at Rios, “the way you played today, Alex, you should be lucky somebody wants your autograph.”

You could make the argument that going after Rios like that at a fundraiser isn’t the best thing to do, but the way Rios responded, considering the fact that kids around were in the area, is about 100 times worse.

Just watch for yourself:

Whatever you think about how the main characters acted in the video, the thing I really take away from it is that, contrary to popular opinion, Rios really does care. He’s obviously frustrated and angry, I just hope he’s more upset with himself for his performance than the fact that he was getting heckled.

Either way, here’s hoping he takes that anger, channels it into his bat and demolishes Zack Greinke tonight. Fingers crossed.

(H/T to Mockingbird commentor Josh for the video)

UPDATE: Rios apologized.

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