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The man, the legend, Jose Canseco

You know how Jose Canseco gets on Twitter and is all like “I’m the best at everything. I challenge you to challenge me”? Or, in the man’s own words:

Well, a guy in Ottawa took Canseco up on his offer to challenge him and this past weekend, Canseco was in Ottawa to take part in a home-run derby with Evan Malamud, appliance salesman.

Canseco lost the derby.

In fairness, Canseco had to hit baseballs out of the park and Malamud had to hit softballs over a much shorter softball fence. But still, Canseco lost.

I was unable to find video of the derby itself, but I did find this gem: Canseco’s media scrum. He says some interesting-in-a-crazy-way things: Twitter is like acting (presumably implying that he’s not really crazy); he believes he could still lead the majors in home runs if some team would just give him a chance already; and he’s developed an anti-aging drink that really works, you guys.

Without further ado, the man himself:


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How low can you go?

If you’re Jose Canseco, apparently pretty low. Admitting that he was scared and that he was only doing it for the money, Canseco stepped into a Japanese MMA ring this morning (it was the night in Japan, I guess) and got his ass handed to him by a 7-foot-2, 330 pound South Korean who wore an Ewok t-shirt to the ring.

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