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Roster depth and bullpen arms

Kyle Drabek

September baseball is very different than what precedes it. For teams that find themselves in contention, it’s a time when every game matters — every at-bat takes on added importance, every pitching change and defensive replacement is scrutinized with a powerful microscope and Yankees-Red Sox games start pushing nine hours instead of their usual eight.

For teams like the Toronto Blue Jays that find themselves out of contention, September is a time to take full advantage of the expanded Major League rosters to get a glimpse of possible future contributors and to reward veterans who’ve been sticking it in the minors with another big league stint (and all the perks and pay raises that come with it).

The Blue Jays have added six players from the Las Vegas 51s to their major league roster. Chad Beck and Danny Farquhar will get their first taste of a major league spread while working out of the bullpen, while David Cooper, Adam Loewen, Kyle Drabek and Brad Mills all make their return to the show. Continue reading


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Why would Toronto want Slowey?

Should Alex Anthopoulos trade for Kevin Slowey? The gut reaction is definitely no. The Blue Jays don’t need more starting pitching. And Slowey’s no stud who’s worth bumping people for.

But gut reactions are no way to run a team and there are reports that Toronto is interested in bringing in the Minnesota right hander, they even had soem scouts watching the Twins the other day when Slowey was pitching. According to MLB Trade Rumours, Slowey might even be had for some bullpen arms, which the Jays have more than enough of.

So, should the Jays trade for Kevin Slowey if it only costs them some bullpen arms? That scenario’s a lot easier to agree with, but is it the right move?

Right now, Toronto’s set to break camp with a starting rotation of Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow, Brett Cecil, probably Kyle Drabek and one of either Marc Rzepcynski or Jesse Litsch.

Slowey’s a decent pitcher, but he’s an extreme flyball pitcher — his flyball rate tends to hang out in the 50% range.

The SkyDome, as we all know, is a park that’s very friendly to flyball hitters (Jose Bautista!) so Slowey’s flyball rate is a pretty big strike against the case for him to pitch in Toronto. Combine that with the starting pitching depth Toronto’s already got and a trade for Slowey doesn’t make sense.

Unless Anthopoulos is getting ready for a deal with another team that’s crying for starting pitching (St. Louis? Rasmus? We can dream.)

Then again, there may be nothing at all to these reports. We all know Anthopoulos doesn’t talk about rumours, so the Jays get connected to every player that was ever discussed in any sort of rumour. And those scouts who watched Slowey pitch? Well, could be as simple as doing a bit of recon; Toronto opens the season against the Twins.

(UPDATE: I’ll often try not to read other blogs before writing a post. Sometimes this means that another blog will have written a similar post previous to mine. This is one of those times. For a much more thorough look at these rumours, you really should check out Getting Blanked.)

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