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Loose Cannon Broadway update

A few weeks ago, I told all four (or are there five now?) of you about Lance Broadway’s New Year’s Eve party habits which allegedly involve ripping off his shirt and punching dudes in the face. Whatever happened, an arrest warrant was definitely issued for Broadway.

A commenter (toxo!) on my original post fed me updates on the situation, but since no media outlet seemed to be covering it and I wasn’t about to go calling up the Dallas D.A. to find out the details, I didn’t bother doing a new post.

Well now there are new details, friends!

According to the Houston Press’s still-excellently-named Hair Balls blog, Broadway and some scrub who’s known as “Cameron McGuire, of the United League Baseball’s Edinburg Roadrunners” turned themselves in on Feb. 19 and quickly bonded out. Further details on the legal matter seem to be lacking.

What is NOT lacking though is the fact that, on the same day Broadway turned himself in to Dallas police, The Star ran an article listing Broadway as one of the pitchers being granted a chance by the Jays this year.

Then Ken Fidlin, FOUR DAYS AFTER BROADWAY TURNED HIMSELF IN, listed Broadway as a contender for a job in the Jays ‘pen this year.

Now I’m confused. Broadway is still on Jays’ list of non-roster invitees to spring training, but there’s no way of knowing when that list was updated. So I’m left with some questions:

• Are the Toronto reporters just throwing Broadway’s name into their stories because he’s listed as one of the Jays’ invitees?

• Is Broadway, out on bail, actually taking part in spring training?

• Does Hair Balls have this whole thing wrong?

Since I’m more inclined to believe a blog named Hair Balls than I am a Sun reporter, I’m going to have to assume that Hair Balls is telling the story as it is.

Does anybody know what’s really going on here?

Because it’s been stuck in my head lately

And because it kinda vaguely sorta relates to Broadway’s antics. Enjoy.


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Lance (Loose Cannon) Broadway

Back on Dec. 16, in the midst of working out the Roy Halladay deal, the Toronto Blue Jays signed RHP Lance Broadway. The move was met with indifference by most Jays fans — mainly because of the whole Halladay situation, but partly because, really, who cares about Lance Broadway?

Career ERA over 5? Check.

Career WHIP of 1.600? Check.

Non-tendered by the god-awful Metropolitans? You betcha.

Clearly Broadway was meant to be a Las Vegas (or lower) bullpen bench warmer. But what most fans don’t realize is that the man has a damn powerful arm.

According to Hair Balls, an excellently named Houston Press blog, Broadway’s been charged with assault.

Basically, Broadway was partying with some United League Baseball scrub. Said scrub tried to pick up some girl, and the girl’s boyfriend’s friend (I know that sounds like urban myth territory, but what can I do) didn’t take too kindly to it. The friend who was offended talked to the scrub and thought everything was cool.

Broadway, however, did not think everything was cool. Here is how the girl’s boyfriend’s friend described the incident to the court:

“He’s taken his shirt off, he takes a running start from Ivan’s left-hand side, punching Ivan in the left side of the face, knocking him out. It broke his orbital socket, broke his cheekbone…shattered his nose, detached his retina….”

Reading up to this point, I thought to myself, “self, the Jays need a shit disturber. This cat is a loose cannon and sounds like he’s batshit insane, but remember how it was left to Jesse Carlson — JESSE CARLSON! — to deal with Pussada last year? This Broadway guy sounds like he could do some damage to the Yankees or whoever else decides to drill a million Jays hitters.”

Then I read about the brawl that ensued and how “Broadway punched several women, knocking one out.” And I’m not so keen on having him in the organization anymore.

Good thing he’s on a minor league deal and should be easy to cut ties with.



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