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The last post before embracing the building

So Brandon League has joined the ranks of the fallen along with Scott Rolen, Alex Rios, Rod Barajas, Marco (Stroodles) Scutaro and Roy Halladay.

I’m a bit out of the loop right now — not so much that I don’t know that the trade happened, but enough that I’ve got nothing useful to say about it. I guess spending 6+ hours on an airplane for what is supposed to be a two-hour flight will do that to you.

Ah, air travel during Canadian winters.

In honour of the fallen and in lieu of anything useful to say, I’ll give you an animated gif. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before, but it is definitely worth seeing again: The moment I called my favourite of the year, Stroodles stealing second on a walk…

And that’s that. We’ll probably be off until the new year. And when we’re back, we’re embracing building and we’re looking forward.


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Pay attention to the game


When I’m watching baseball (or any sport for that matter) on TV, I’m watching to watch the game. Interviews during the game, with people who want to promote something that has nothing to do with the game, seem to be a necessary evil and I’ve come to grips with that.

Sometimes it can even be pretty funny.

What really bothers me about these segments is that a lot of broadcasters seem to shift their focus entirely to whatever the guest wants to talk about, and that means the game on the field is largely ignored.

I wasn’t able to watch the Jays game last night in Boston. So when I woke up this morning to the news that my Marco Stroodles had been beaned in the noggin, I went looking for the highlight to see just how bad it was.

Believe me when I say that I understand just how awful cancer is. I’m all for cancer research and the Jimmy Fund seems like a really good cause. It doesn’t bother me that they talk about it during a ball game or anything. But what does bother me is when the announcers completely ignore the goings on on the field.

Ignoring a routine ground out to talk about cancer research? Fine.

Ignoring one of the most dangerous things that can happen in baseball to talk about cancer research? Maybe it’s just me, but I think you can put the interview on hold for a minute or two.

NESN apparently disagrees with me on that point, because when Stroodles got hit in the head, they kept the interview going.

MLB doesn’t allow their videos to be embedded, but you can watch the NESN clip here.

The good news: Stroodles apparently suffered nothing more than a bump on his head.

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I got sucked in

walk-off wild pitch

R-Zep throwing 5-2/3 of a no-hitter? The Jays coming from behind? Stroodles scoring the winning run? On a wild pitch? Considering the clusterfuck of a season this has been, this game was a welcome interruption.

Dear Toronto Blue Jays,

More of this and less of not this please.



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Stupid thing that’s a bit too long for Twitter (or my name for Scutaro)



Few weeks ago I was at the horrible game against the Phillies in which Jayson Werth hit the 500-level bomb. It was an awful game with no redeeming qualities.

But something fun did come out of that day: My new name for Marco Scutaro.

It was one of those Jr. Jays days when they let a kid announce the lineups in the 3rd inning. The kid chosen on this particular day had a real hard time pronouncing the names of the players (Rall Chaves, etc…)

He hit his stride when John McDonald came to bat — “Now batting, Johnny Mac!” — but the next batter gave him fits as well.

“Now batting, Marco… Ss… Marco…” he took a long pause and looked off to his left for some help before coming back with the classic, “now batting, Marco Stroodles!”

I could be crazy, but it really looked to me like Marco got a kick out of that. So did I. And with that, Marco’s new nickname, at least in my head, was born.

I’m happy to have a guy on the team I can call Stroodles, and I hope J.P. doesn’t take that away from me any time soon.


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