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Jose Reyes injury. The worst.

I did not watch tonight’s game. Of course, the Jays won.

Of course, this also happened:

(GIF via Paul Sporer)

As of this writing, nobody knows exactly how long Reyes will be out, but here’s what we do know, via the numerous beat reporters (let’s give credit today to non-Rogers man Scott MacArthur) and just some plain basic facts:

  • Reyes heard something “pop”
  • Best case scenario, Reyes is out for a month. Worst case, three months.
  • General manager Alex Anthopoulos has already been talking with other GMs about trading for some infield help
  • Reyes is the best. Him getting hurt is the worst.
  • Mike McCoy is likely to get called up and see too much playing time.
  • Brett Lawrie can’t come back fast enough.
  • Reyes, usually an outstanding baserunner, slid late because he thought the pitch had been fouled off

I know I haven’t been active on the blog or on Twitter much lately, but I’m all too aware of the panic a lot of fans have been feeling because of the team’s slow start. I’ve been doing my best to talk sense into as many people as possible. “The Giants started 2-8 last year and won the World Series,” I say.

But right now, I feel the panic. It’s ridiculous, especially since there’s no real word on what’s wrong with Reyes, but this could hurt. Losing Reyes for three months could be a lot worse than a slow start. And seeing him cry? That’s worst of all.

Here’s hoping it’s not that bad.

And a quick update because the man himself tweets


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Mike McCoy: MLB pitcher

Watching the Blue Jays get absolutely blown out by the Boston Red Sox while getting intermittently rained upon because the roof at the SkyDome is, inexplicably, open is not what I would call a day at the park (except for the fact that it is, you know, a day at the park).

When a game is so completely out of hand and there are no signs it’s going to get any better, my attention tends to wander. Hey, did you know that the windows in the SkyDome Hotel can be opened? I certainly didn’t. Some things snap me back to full attention though: A Jose Bautista at bat; an E5 home run YEscobar making up for his earlier NOcobar by snagging a hard-hit line drive; and Mike McCoy coming on to pitch the ninth, to name a few.

Yes, in case you’re one of the few who might be reading this who hasn’t yet heard, you read that right: Mike McCoy, utility infielder, pitched the ninth inning for Toronto and the results were not at all horrible. Hard to believe, I know, but there’s even video, though it’s not yet embeddable, so here’s some photographic evidence:

Crazy, right? It probably sent some kind of message from John Farrell to the Jays players (why hello there, Brett Cecil’s wife’s instant anger! And subsequent apology) and it definitely got what little of the crowd was left back into the game.

McCoy got a standing ovation with each out and novelty of the situation, he deserved it. The only Jays pitcher except for Jon Rauch (who only faced one batter) to have a clean slate during the game, McCoy was throwing strikes and mixing speeds like a champ!

From 85 mph heater to 60 mph “knuckler” (according to pitch f/x), how’s a hitter supposed to time that? Throw in his funky delivery and you’ve got a stud in the making!

And check it out! 75% of McCoy’s pitches were strikes! That’s 20% better than a certain somebody in the rotation.

In conclusion, McCoy should be Toronto’s closer and I need to get one of those rooms in the SkyDome Hotel. Thank you.


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