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Buck 65 loves hot dogs (an interview)

Years ago, when I was living in Halifax, I took a drive to Mt. Uniacke one day to go to an elementary school. That could be weird, but I was headed there for a reason: Rich Terfry, a.k.a. Buck 65, was being given the key to the, well, I guess Mt. Uniacke is a town. As part of the ceremony, I was witness one of the most fun live performances I’ve ever seen: The school band, a bunch of Grade 5 and Grade 6 students, played the arrangement from Hang on Sloopy while Buck 65 sang Wicked and Weird over the top.

Yesterday, before all Colby Rasmus craziness broke, a DJF post linked to a song that Buck 65 had just written about Jose Bautista. You should check it out — Joey Bats is definitely worth a listen.

I was curious what brought that song on, so I took a chance and sent a few questions to his manager. A little while later, I got a happy surprise: Answers to my questions!

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