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The Toronto Blue Jays are no longer a team to be trifled with

Yesterday was a good day for me in terms of being a Blue Jays fan. Everyone knows about the brawl (JOHNNY MAC PUNCHED GIRARDI IN THE FACE!!!), but on top of (and earlier than) that, Jeff Blair on Prime Time Sports talking about his article that includes quotes from Nadir Mohamed.

It must be noted that Blair didn’t actually speak to Mohamed himself  — the quotes were pulled from an interview another Globe staffer did with him — but Blair and McCown ended their talk by raising the possibility that a $130-million payroll for next year doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibility now.

Far-fetched, I know, but it got my hopes up.

And then there was the brawl and my spirit was lifted even higher.

There are only 17 games left. 75% of this season’s been a severe pain to watch, but once the off-season rolls around, I know I’m going to miss it. I’m going to make the best of the time that’s left and enjoy this team while I can.

As for tonight, if I’m Brian Tallet, I drill a Yankee in the 1st and send a message to the league: “The Toronto Blue Jays are no longer a team to be trifled with.”


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