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R.I.P., optimism

If you’ve read either of the pre-season Jays’ round tables I’ve participated in, you know that I had what many might consider to be unrealistically high hopes for the upcoming season. In both, I predicted the Jays to finish with a record of 80-82. Most win totals predicted were well below the number I threw out there, but with all the potential power in the lineup and a belief that the pitching would come together as it always seems to, I was feeling optimistic.

Funny how much one little announcement can completely change your opinion.

I like Brian Tallet. With his goofy facial hairs and ridiculous hats, how could you not have a soft spot for him? The problem is that as much as I like Brian Tallet, I like the idea of the Jays winning more.

I truly believe that Tallet could help the Jays win. I think he’s useful out of the ‘pen and spot starting when needed. You might even be able to convince me that seeing him as the No. 5 starter to open the season wouldn’t be so bad. In fact, that’s where I (and, I think, most) expected him to be. “Your No. 5 starter, Wolverine!”

But then the Jays announced the rotation.

Brian Tallet, Toronto’s No. 2 starter.

All the optimism drains from my system.

Then I see that the oh-so-clever Cito is playing jokes on people today. Just look at the hilarious lineup card he posted before the Jays’ loss to the Yankees earlier today.

Maybe the rotation he announced was another poor attempt at humour?

Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’re so lucky.

All we can do now is hope that the reasoning behind it has, well, some reason to it. Tao’s got a thought that makes the move seem a little less crazy. So does the @TheSouthpawWR.

I’m really pulling for one of these guys to be right. That would mean that Cito’s only mostly (instead of completely) running roughshod over this team.

Either way though, the 80-win prediction does seem rather stupid right now.


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