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David Ortiz: Health-care provider

There is a man who sits outside the Shoppers Drug Mart in my neighbourhood. I would not call this man homeless. He has a relatively comfortable looking chair that to sit in, he has a small electric scooter, he never asks anyone for change and he never looks that disheveled.

Why he sits there all the time, I do not know. How he survives, I do not know. But sit there he does. Other than the fact that he sits there and occasionally looks after someone’s dog while they’re shopping, all I know about him is that the soccer-loving lads up the road have taken to calling him Winehouse Jim.

I walked past said Shoppers today. On my approach, I could see that ol’ Winehouse was involved in a heated conversation with an old lady.  I only heard a small bit of the conversation, and Jim was the only one talking as I walked by, but here’s what he had to say:

… Massachusetts voters!

Hey, everybody! Come listen to this stupid American!

The people in Massachusetts already have health care! You know why? You know who gave it to them?


While he’s right that Massholes and others who happen to live in that state have a form of health care — unless I missed some huge news in the last few years — I really don’t think that a baseball-playing Dominican steroid user is responsible for it. But I’m happy that ol’ Winehouse Jim thinks he is. My daily walk past him just got more interesting.

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Red Sox, who are ya?

This picture isn't really relevant, but I want to remind any Boston fan who stumbles upon this of a painful moment.

This picture isn't really relevant, but I want to remind any Boston fan who stumbles upon this of a painful moment.

Sure, Sunday’s loss was a bit of a downer, but the Jays took two of three from the big bad Bostons, proving once again that a good chunk of Toronto sports fans are too emotional and too short sighted.

Getting swept in Boston with rookies starting two of the three games for Toronto does not mean that the Jays can’t compete with the Red Sox. It just means it was a bad series (that set up two more bad series in a row, but that’s over with now, so I won’t dwell).

Doc’s not the only cyborg on the team

Scott Downs has a strained hamstring, and all he needs to be nails again is one day off? That’s pretty robotic right there.

I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about Downs being more valuable as an old school fireman than as a modern day closer and, while I still think it’s true, watching League and Downs work the 8th and 9th of the Friday and Saturday games brought back some fond memories of a certain back-end combo that secured games roughly 20 years ago.

I can’t really think of comparisons between Downs and Tom Henke (except they’re good at closing), but am I completely off base thinking that League’s stuff is somewhat reminiscent of Duane Ward?

OK, I’m really basing the League/Ward thing on anything other than a wicked fastball. And obviously League would have to put in a hell of a lot more than two good appearances in a row to seriously draw a comparison, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

Trippin’ the Jays blogosphere

• Over at Ghostrunner, Drew talks crimes against bandwagon jumpers and Brandon League awesomeness.

• The Tao says more about the series with the Sox than that the Jays took two of three. That’s why he’s the Tao and I’m me.

• The Mockingbird breaks down the ridiculous calls that once again went in Jon Lester’s favour against the Jays.

• Eyebleaf sums up the month of May and makes a plea to FREE JEREMY ACCARDO. I believe in Jeremy Accardo.

• This is a bit staledated now, but the Blue Jay Hunter’s guide to hitting a knuckleball is definitely worth a look. Even with the rematch against Wakefield long over with, it’s an interesting read about one of the most interesting pitches out there.

• This one’s even older, but it ain’t never going to lose it awesomeness. If you haven’t read Mop Up Duty’s story of Doc Halladay’s reinvention, do it. Right now. Or whenever’s convenient for you, so long as you, you know, read it.

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Delusional ramblings


Unable to write off the Jays’ season already, I have managed to convince myself that Toronto has a shot at making the playoffs. I’ll get into why the Jays are amazingly awesome in later posts, but here’s a few reasons why the AL East is not as tough as everyone seems to think it is:

Why we don’t need to worry about the Yankees

People say that the Yankees “won” free agency this year. People are also stupid.

Any Jays fan knows that AJ Burnett has a history of only pitching well in contract years. Any Jays fan also knows that Burnett is a head case. And how’s he acclimatizing himself to New York? MacLeod says that AJ’s not doing so hot:

I made the trek into Tampa this morning to check out the zoo that is the New York Yankees and ran into a fellow scribe whilst setting up in the press box here at luxurious George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Of course, I asked him about A.J. Burnett, the former Blue Jays pitcher who bolted Toronto for the dough in the Big Apple.

“He’s an idiot,” came the quick response.

As for the other free agents:

CC Sabathia wanted to stay in California, but came to New York because of the filthy lucre. Anyone interested in seeing how players perform when they’re unhappy with their situation need look no further than Robert Reichel’s tenure with the Maple Leafs.

Mark Teixeira is the only signing that worries me even a bit, but you’ve got to remember that his is one bat attempting to fill the whole left by two (Bobby Abreu and jason Giambi.)

And there’s the little matter of this:

Sitting beside Rodriguez at the head table were Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi. Many of Rodriguez’s teammates watched soberly from the side. The high-powered group included Pettitte, Derek Jeter, A.J. Burnett, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada. Posada, however, left abruptly during Rodriguez’s opening remarks.

Cancer much? Posada couldn’t even be bothered to stay for the whole press conference!

The Monyeballers out there will say that chemistry means nothing and it’s all about the numbers, but come on. A-Rod is not Reggie Jackson. He won’t be able to handle the fans and the media in New York and mash up to his capabilities.

Why we don’t need to worry about the Rays

They are a talented, young team that has good (if not great) pitching. But Tampa’s likely to regress toward the mean a bit this year, it’s science. Last year, they had lightning in a bottle, it’s unlikely they’ll pull that off two years in a row.

Something else to think about: The last three teams to lose the World Series have failed to make the playoffs in the following year.

(Yes, we’ll just ignore the entire history of baseball previous to the last three years, thanks!)

Why we don’t need to worry about the Red Sox


They’re banking on Brad Wilkerson to cover first base.

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