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A link dump that’s (mostly) about being unhappy with Cito

Fire Cito

Playing .500 ball over the course of two series against the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees is nothing to sneeze at, but it is frustrating to watch the Jays put up a 3-3 record over those games because they probably should have won at least 5 of the 6. Cito needs to go. Mismanagement of the bullpen costing the team games against those they’re chasing in the A.L. East is one thing, but refusing to help develop players (in a year that was meant to be about developing players) is a whole other level of incompetence.

“I can see sometimes that he needs some work here or there, but I think that’s something that whoever’s here next year will address,” Gaston said. “The only thing we’ve told Fred is that when the ball’s hit right at you, just make sure you go to your strong side.”

Cito is a fine hitting coach, but he’s not a good manager.

Dwayne Murphy is not a good hitting coach

This is a little old, but still warrant mentioning. Speaking to Yahoo’s Tim Brown, Toronto hitting coach Dwayne Murphy dropped this doozy:

“I think on-base percentage is an overrated stat,” Murphy said flatly. “Those guys getting on base, most of them aren’t getting them in. Give me somebody who drives them in after that. I need guys who can drive the ball.”

What I want to know is, if nobody’s getting on base, who are the sluggers going to drive in?

Oh right: Themselves.

And nobody else.

Kevin Gregg is not a good closer

Since (and including) May 12, Gregg’s pitched in 10 games for the Torontos. Over that stretch, he’s been absolutely horrendous.

An ERA of 10, an opponent’s OPS of 1.088, a WPA of -1.106 and that’s just scratching the surface.

The man couldn’t keep a closer’s job in the N.L. Central and is struggling in the A.L., but Cito refuses to take the job from him. Can explain this?

On questioning Cito’s use of the pen

I’m not even going to get into Mike Wilner’s suspension from the FAN for the duration of the Yankees series. Stoeten (here) and Drew (here) have pretty much said everything I’d say about it. Jeremy Sandler’s got a good take on the situation as well.

The Draft

The MLB draft goes tonight. If you’re the type who gets worked up about kids who will probably never amount to anything and, if they do, won’t do so for at least a few years, the draft is for you! Personally, the only thing that interests me about the draft is the approach the team is taking to.

Approach and philosophy is everything — that’s why I get geeked about international free agents when the Jays are involved. If you care about the approach, then Shi Davidi’s got a good piece on the Jays’ strategy you might enjoy.

Into the players? Check out the Drunks or Mop Up Duty. They’re on that ball.

Remembering the GBOAT (via Walkoff Walk)

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The last post before embracing the building

So Brandon League has joined the ranks of the fallen along with Scott Rolen, Alex Rios, Rod Barajas, Marco (Stroodles) Scutaro and Roy Halladay.

I’m a bit out of the loop right now — not so much that I don’t know that the trade happened, but enough that I’ve got nothing useful to say about it. I guess spending 6+ hours on an airplane for what is supposed to be a two-hour flight will do that to you.

Ah, air travel during Canadian winters.

In honour of the fallen and in lieu of anything useful to say, I’ll give you an animated gif. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before, but it is definitely worth seeing again: The moment I called my favourite of the year, Stroodles stealing second on a walk…

And that’s that. We’ll probably be off until the new year. And when we’re back, we’re embracing building and we’re looking forward.


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Not a fan of the Rolen trade?

Imagine how this headline makes Reds fans feel:

Rolen unlikely to play in St. Louis series | reds.com: News.

Actually, the headline’s not the worst part. It’s the “the presence of post-concussion symptoms” from the Jason Marquis fastball to the noggin that should have Reds fans worried.

Next time you start thinking about how bad the Jays are or how unlucky they are, remember the Reds. Trading away their 3B and a couple of promising arms for the best defensive 3B in baseball only to see him get hit in the head with a fastball and lost him to said post-concussion syndrome.

Maybe things ain’t so bad in Toronto after all.

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Are boos the new cheers?


Been gone for a good time, not a long time. But now I’m back. Feeling a bit rusty, so bear with me (or not) as I expell things in point form…

• Was out of town last weekend and not paying attention. You know what’s a pretty shocking way to start paying attention again? Seeing Rusty Adams step into the batter’s box. That was (I think) Sunday, and it was literally the first Jays-related thing I saw in a few days. I had a little trouble believing what was happening.

Good for Rusty to get another chance, but too bad Voodoo Joe Inglett had to get sent down. Sure, he was producing very well, but what can you expect from a guy who’d only had limited AAA-experience so far this year and then was called up to the Bigs as soon as he came off the DL? People usually go down after a stint on the DL, not the other way around.

• Vernon (Boo) Wells appears to be fixed and that’s great news. Honeslty though, I don’t know if I’m happier that he’s hitting again or that he know has the best nickname on the team.

• The second half of the Tao’s post on Boo Wells asks an interesting question: Who’s your favourite rookie pitcher on the Jays? I like them all, but anybody who’s followed this blog knows that unequivocally, my favourite is Captain Canada, Scott (Kool-aid) Richmond.

Dude just continues to impress no matter how often he gets demoted to the bullpen and people seemingly give up on him. He’s got great stuff and great character. I hope he’s in the rotation for good now.

• There are no words left to describe Scott Rolen’s greatness. If you’ve seen any of the stellar defensive plays he’s rolled off lately, you know what I’m talking about.

• Speaking of Rolen, it’s interesting that both he and Rod Barajas seemed to feed off the incredibly negative treatment from the fans in Philly. Take that, combine it with Wells’ new nickname and we seem to have a bit of a theme going with this team. Are boos the new cheers?

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Let me just put a stamp on this

Started living life again during the long weekend and forgot to post something here, so here’s a shitty roundup sort of thing for your enjoyment!

The Drunks try to end The Summer of Tallet

In this great post, Stoeten of the Drunks puts together an interesting argument as to why Brian Tallet, despite rocking in the starting role, may be headed back to the bullpen before long. (Spoiler: It’s because Jesse Carlsson ain’t been so hot lately.) I love what Tallet’s been doing in the rotation so far, but if moving him to the ‘pen is best for the team, then I’m all for it.

The real question is, what will The Tao and his Moustache Riders think of this theory?

Don’t doubt the Arnsberg

Before the series against the White Sox, it seemed to be a popular kind of thing to say “Robert Ray is going to be demoted” and also to say “Scott Richmond has been figured out and should be sent to the bullpen/Las Vegas.”

If you said those things, you’d be wrong on both counts (and not just because Rob Ray wants to go by Bobby now).

Basically all you have to do is look at their starts against the Pale Hose to know that Captain Canada (7 IP, 7 K, 5 hits, 1 BB 0 ER) and Robert Rob Bobby Ray (8 IP, 3 K, 3 hits, 1 BB, 0 ER) are going to be around for a while yet.

Rolen being Rolen

Hello Kevin Millar!

A man named Andrew made it through to Jays Talk the other night. You can hear him at the 37:40 mark. Definitely worth a listen. If you don’t know why, read this post by the Drunks, specifically the No. 1 item.

Closing thoughts

We just passed the quarter mark of the season, the Jays are in first (regardless of what happens in Boston) and things are great. So good in fact, that Voodoo Joe hasn’t enacted any whammies yet. Thanks, Joe! This won’t be forgotten!

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