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Lind’s lack of bombs

I know the fashionable thing to do right now is to talk about how great the Jays’ hitters have been with their amazing clutchness and to gush about the amazing starting pitching.

Those things are true but, as much as I enjoy watching this team win games it probably shouldn’t, I can’t help but wonder how much better it’d be doing if last year’s silver slugging DH was going full speed. Adam Lind was supposed to be the engine that kept the Jays offence running this season. So far though, he’s posted a disappointing line of .230/.315/.397/.712 with 5 homers and 18 RBI. Hardly numbers worthy of a silver slugger.

Thinking about this last night, I remembered the heart and hustle video thing that played at the Dome before the home opener. Part of that video featured Lind making a bold claim about his hitting ability. I couldn’t remember exactly what he said, just that it seemed like the kind of thing that someone would say just before having an awful season. Curious what it was that Sleepy said, I asked frequent commenter Cole if he could remember. Here’s what he said:

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