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Uncle B.J.’s Wild Ride shuts down

B.J. Ryan, I hope you find a team to play for that will let you pitch, even if it’s in the minors. I believe you can get your stuff back. Even if you’re never the dominating pitcher you used to be, I believe you can still be effective somewhere. And that’s why I think J.P. and Co. made a big mistake in letting you go.

You talked about reinventing yourself as a pitcher. I’m on board with that. It’s what you need, it’s what whoever you end up itching for needs. You said you need to pitch more to be able to reinvent yoruself. It makes perfect sense. I’m sure you know that the best way to accomplish these goals is, right?

Take a minor league assignment!

I really, really hope, for the sake of my sanity, that J.P. offered you a trip to the minors and you said no, forcing their hand. I really hope so.

Throwing away the Frank Thomas money was bad. Throwing away the Frank Thomas money and your money, Beej, well, that’s just abominable.

Throughout J.P.’s tenure, I’ve always been a supporter of his. He’s managed to build a solid team in a tough division with a relatively small payroll. That’s pretty impressive.

The thing is, when he’s got payroll issues, he really can’t afford to be throwing money away like he has been. The Big Hurt and the Beej contracts are bad enough, let’s not even talk about Vernon Wells.

The thing I do want to mention though — and I really don’t think there’s near as much to the Halladay trade rumours as those in the media seem to think — is this disturbing quote J.P. fired out there the other day while talking to the New York Post: “We have kept him from free agency twice and I don’t think we have the resources to keep him from free agency a third time.”

If the worst comes to pass, and the Doc leaves via trade — or worse, as a free agent — I know there will be temptation to set the Vernon Wells Hatred Advisory System to some unimaginable level. But really, don’t take the anger out on VW.

It’ll be J.P.’s fault. Not only for throwing the money at VW, but for wasting it on B.J. Ryan and Frank Thomas.

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J.P. surprises everyone

First B.J. Ryan is taken off the DL without being returned to the closer’s role, now Ricky Romero is taken off the DL and, instead of bumping someone from the big league rotation, he’s being sent to Vegas.

The last couple of weeks seems to have been a constant debate about who’s headed to the minors when Romero and Jesse Litsch and Casey Janssen get healthy. Rob Ray was the consensus choice, with Scott Richmond getting some recent shoves toward the door (even though he’s only had one bad start).

But instead of doing any of that, J.P. just sent the first healthy guy down to the minors.

As great as Romero’s been, I’m cool with the move.

Sure, there’s a good chance that Ray’s start tomorrow will be his last, but maybe not. All the arms in the rotation are doing good right now, so why screw with it?

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