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New-fan week: How to enjoy watching baseball

Editor’s note: A recent reddit post — this one to be exact — really stuck with me. The author is an Irishman who’s looking to get into baseball and, not knowing where to start, he asked for help. Well, this week at Infield Fly, we aim to help everybody’s who’s just getting into the game. If you’re a new fan, if you’re interested in becoming a fan or if you know somebody who think would love the game and you want to point them our way, hopefully this week will have something for you. We plan to cover the how and the why for new fans.

Read the first instalment, a basic stats primer, here.

Today, I, Chris, go over a few basic things the new fan should do to gain an appreciation for the game.

OK, so you want to be a baseball fan. Good choice! Baseball can be a very rewarding sport, but it’s not an easy one for newcomers. You’ve got a lot to learn, so, rather than overburden you with explanations, here are three simple steps to get into the game. Complete these three and you’ll still have a lot to learn about the sport, but you should come away with an appreciation for the game and a willingness to keep watching. Continue reading


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Doc should stay in blue (or why Vin Scully deserves another Series)

As I’ve said before, if the Jays are out of it next season and Doc is no longer a Jay, I’ll be cheering for whichever team he’s playing for (even if it’s the Yankees or Red Sox) because nobody deserves to win more than Doc.

But if Roy Halladay has to be traded before the trade deadline next season, I really do hope that the Dodgers pony up the right package to pry Doc away. It’s not that I really prefer the Dodgers to any other of the team — in fact, I’d pick the Giants as a second team if I had to — it’s that there’s something I really want to hear, and time is running out.

When the Phillies eliminated the Dodgers in the NLCS this year, it saddened me a bit. To understand why, you’ve got to understand that when I watch baseball, I typically listen to the radio broadcast whenever possible. Sure, I have the TV on, but most television announcers are bad enough that I’ll suffer the slight audio-visual syncing problems that come with streaming a radio broadcast through MLB’s buggy Gameday Audio service.

Vin ScullyThe Dodgers being eliminated saddened me because, when it comes down to watching teams I don’t care about, I’d much rather have Vin Scully calling the game.

The problem I have with most play-by-play guys and their colour commentators is that they don’t know when to shut up. It’s like they’re afraid that if they let a second go by without saying something, viewers will change the channel, so the announcers just spew out whatever insipid garbage enters their minds.

Vin Scully does not do this. Vin Scully works alone and stops talking when it’s more effective to let the crowd noise carry the moment. And when he does talk, the man had the knack for saying the right things. Just listen to the following clip. You’ll hear two jokers call Hank Aaron’s home run to pass Babe Ruth. Then you’ll hear how Vin Scully called the same play. If you don’t already know how great Scully is, you will after listening to this:

Scully calls Aaron’s record

And yeah, Scully’s been around that long. He started calling Dodgers games in 1950 — when the team was still in Brooklyn.

Anyway, the point is that Scully has recently said that he’ll call Dodgers games next year, but that might be his last. Faced with having Joe Buck, Chip Caray and Rick Sutcliffe rammed into my ears by the geniuses behind television broadcasts, I’d love to have the Dodgers in the Series so that I can hear a real pro call the games one last time.

As Jays fans, we all know that Doc could put the Dodgers over the top. So if he’s got to go, I really do hope he goes to L.A., stays in a blue uniform and lets a legend call his Series-clinching win.

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