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We are the (clean) champions, my friend

world series champsWhat’s so special about the teams celebrated at the recent Back 2 Back weekend? I mean other than the obvious fact that they were Blue Jays teams that won the World Series back-to-back?

According to the The 35th Street Review, every team since then to have won the World Series has been linked to performance-enhancing drugs.

It’s an interesting post, but my only beef is that it’s titled In Search of the Last Clean Champions and it fails to say that your Toronto Blue Jays are, in fact (to the best of anyone’s knowledge anyway) the last clean champions.

P.S. Also on that ChiSox blog, Drew of Ghostrunner fame prepares the Windy City for the Alex Rios era.

Addendum: Yes, our man Ed Sprague has admitted to using steroids, but if you take him at his word, he didn’t start using until 1996. And yes, the case may be the same for some other teams on that list (players starting use after the championship), but I’m not interested in doing the research to find when each and every one of these guys started using. I’m just to enjoy this until someone shatters my delsuion for reals.

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